Scotty's Pub

Best Damn Dive Bar in Texas

Weekly Specials

Dive Bar (di´ve bar) – Colloquial American term for a neighborhood bar where local residents gather to drink and socialize. Basically, a laid-back bar, with no pretense. The term is said to have come from the fact that these establishments were originally housed in cellars or basements, so frequenters could ‘dive’ in without observation.
At Scotty’s Pub, we have maintained this tradition by remaining true to our roots; from our giant Maker’s Mark bottle (complete with a sweater during Christmas) to our Christopher Walk-in cooler. The only pretense you will find is the pride our chef-owners have taken in the food menu. We dare you to find Pub food, especially our burger, better anywhere else on the planet!
Yes, we are still one of the few places in Houston that you can smoke indoors, talk politics or religion without getting your face slapped off, and where service and sarcasm are a very welcome change from the phoniness in the rest of the world. Settle in, have a drink or three, a bite of food, play some pool, or darts, or Golden Tee, and most importantly, RELAX!
Thanks, in advance, Scotty and the team!


The Vittles

For the Fingers

Margarita Shrimp Cocktail

Grilled shrimp drunk on Margaritas nested on pico w/ home made tortilla strips

Tatertachos close up


Tater tots smothered in pork, tomatoes, red & green onions, bacon, queso and jalapeno ranch.

Dirty Fries

Tater tots covered in pork, tomatoes, red & green onions, bacon, queso and jalapeno ranch.


Disco Fries

Pulled Pork tossed with poblano, jalapeno and hatch peppers with bacon and cheddar cheese and fried. Served w jalapeno ranch.

Cap't Crunch Chicken Tenders

Capt. Crunch breaded chicken tenders w Forty Creek whiskey sauce and fries.

SpotA Menu-6

Buffalo Chicken Pimento Cheese Dip

Juicy chicken breasts, hot sauce, Our own house-made Pimento cheese (cream cheese, sharp cheddar, roasted peppers and ranch) topped with extra cheese, green onions, bacon and baked. Served with house tortilla chips. Try it with Blue Cheese crumbles!

Boom Boom Shrimp

Crispy fried gulf shrimp tossed in house-made spicy creamy boom boom sauce

SpotA Menu-1

Avocado Crisps

panko crusted avocado topped with hoisin & cilantro. Served with chipotle sour cream. & bacon. East, meet Mexico

Duck Wings

Duck drumettes tossed in honey sriracha soy sauce and served with jalapeno ranch

SpotA Menu-10

Pub Pretzels

Crispy fried gulf shrimp tossed in house-made spicy creamy boom boom sauce

Toasted PepperJack Sticks

house-battered fried pepper-jack cheese with a sweet thai chili ranch dip . Ooey, Gooey, and WAY better than Mozzarella Sticks!

Sagemont Sampler

avocado fries, fried cheese, (2) pub pretzels duck wings, Chicken Tenders and disco fries
Maybe bring a friend...or two

Snack Pack

avocado fries, 2 fried cheese, (2) pub pretzels and disco fries.
If you're in the mood to try a little of everything.

For the Hands

The Burger

ground cow, with all the usual suspects, awesome sauce and mayo on a jalapeno cheddar sourdough bun and Fries.

Surf N Turf Burger

Scotty’s original burger topped with Boom Boom shrimp

Mushroom Swiss Burger

with double swiss, sautéed mushrooms, glazed onions and garlic truffle mayo. This is our new Fave!

Coyote Burger

Our Amazing Burger with BBQ, bacon, fried onions, jalapenos and cheese

Longhorn Burger

Our burger topped with LTOP, buffalo cheese dip and ranch. If you went to Dobie, this burger is for YOU!

Farmhouse Burger

2 patties 3 slices of cheese, LTOP, bacon and a fried egg.
You've got to have a mighty appetite for this one. You probably don’t want this, it’s too much for you...

The "Cubano"

roasted pork, ham and bacon with swiss and American cheese, pickles, onions, mayo and pineapple maple mustard on toasted bolillo bread.


Jerky Bird

Caribbean grilled chicken, bacon, LTO pepperjack, pineapple jam & jalapeno ranch w/fries.

Thai Pork Belly Sliders

(3) cured pork belly sliders glazed in honey sriracha soy sauce and topped with pickled onion and carrot, fresh cucumber, cilantro and basil garlic mayo on sweet rolls.

Sophisticated Grilled Cheese

Texas toast, bacon, american, gruyere, brie, apple, and apricot preserves

Mustang Salad

Fresh Lettuce, red & green onions, tomato, jack cheese, cucumbers, mushrooms, pepperoni, ham, fried avocado and house-made croutons, Ranch, Spicy ranch or Strawberry Balsamic vinaigrette.
Add grilled or Capt, crunch chicken for $2
Ride Sally Ride

Right on Q

Texas toast, American, gruyere, brie, with pulled pork and pickled Onions


(3) Shrimp-beer batter fried shrimp, pineapple preserves, pico and awesome sauce

(3) Chicken- grilled, jack cheese, caramelized onion, cilantro and bbq sauce.

(3) Pork belly- brown sugar cured, onions, cilantro and awesome sauce

Thin Crust Pizza 12"

Black, Blue & BBQ

BBQ base, Juicy blackened chicken, tangy blue cheese, melty jack and mozzarella cheese, onions, jalapeno, tomato, cilantro and topped with sour cream

SpotA Menu-11

South-Side Double-Wide

Spicy pepperoni, sausage, extra melted cheese, bacon and ham

Ninja Turtle

Hand-pulled Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and Jalapenos

The "Yuli" Ham Slam

Our Pulled pork, ham, jalapenos, pineapple preserves


tangy house-made marinara, mozzarella, and one topping. Or customize with your faves


75 each pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, pulled pork, pork belly
.50 each cheese, mushrooms, red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, Pineapple Preserves


Scotty's Signature Cocktails

Bloody mary short

Bloody Mary

Pepper infused Starlite Vodka, spicy bloody mary mix, bacon salt, house-made celery bitters, and spicy pickled green bean. Hangover unnecessary.

Pimms close

Pimm's Cup

Hundreds of versions, here’s ours. Pimm’s no 1, lemon, simple syrup, ginger ale, cucumber.

Purple Haze

Our Purple Juice contains, Skyy Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice

Sittin' Sideways

Skyy Vodka, Waterloo Gin, Rum, Peach Liqueur, Cranberry & Pineapple

Beam Me Up Scotty

Absolut Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sweet & Sour, and a Splash of Sprite

Surfer on Acid

Jägermeister, Bacardi Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice

Pink Taco

Absolut Citron, Patron Citronge, Sprite, & Splash of Cranberry

Drunken Monkey

Bacardi Rum, Banana Liqueur, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice Cranberry & Pineapple, & a Splash of Grenadine

Old-School Cocktails

Tom Collins

Tanqueray Gin, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup


Bulleit Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters


Wild Turkey Rye, Patron Citronge, & Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

The Negroni

Hendricks Gin, Campari, & Sweet Vermouth

Black Leather Whip

Espolon Reposado Tequila, Patron Citronge, & Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

'57 Chevy

Seagrams 7, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, & a Splash of Grenadine



Draft Beer

We are constantly trying and loving new beer so we decided to change it up. There are so many good local Texas breweries popping up everywhere and being the beer lovers that we are, we want you to try them as well. Please ask a bartender for a sample and for help if you need it!


Bottled Beer

Budweiser, Bud Lt, Bud Lime, Bud Select, Michelob Ultra. Buckler n/a, Corona, Landshark, Miller Lite, Heineken, Dos XX, Smirnoff Ice , Red Stripe, Shiner, Lonestar, Pabst, Coors Lt, Fireman 4, Blonde Bombshell, Rodeo Clown, Blue Moon Smith Forge Cider and Anchor steam

Mix'em Up

Snakebite: Guinness and Cider
Flammin' Beaver: Cider and Fireball Whiskey
Irish car bomb: Guinness, Jameson’s, Baileys
Cookies and cream: Guinness, 3 Olives Cake, Baileys



Grey Goose - Ciroc—Skyy– Titos– Stoli


Bombay Sapphire-Tanqueray-Hendricks– Waterloo


Bacardi-Bacardi Limon-Captain Morgan-Meyers


Roca Patron Reposado-Patron Silver-Esplon– Hornitos-Milagro Silver

Irish Whiskey

Jameson– Paddy’s Old Irish—Teeling Small Batch– Tullamore Dew–Jameson Caskmate

American Made Whiskey

Maker’s Mark– Bulliet– Bulliet Rye– Woodford-Knob Creek– Knob Creek Rye

Scotch Whisky

Glenfiddich 12yr– Dewars– Glenlivet 12yr– Johnnie Walker Black

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