Our Story

It's a dream come true!

...It all began in 2011

Scott Sexton III, Scott Sexton Jr. & Craig Sexton opened Scotty’s Pub on April 1st of 2011. The Pub was a long time dream of all the owners to open a place of their own. Having extremely close and caring friends and family, when the opportunity to open a neighborhood bar came to be, everyone joyfully helped Scotty and team fulfill the dream. Scotty’s has gone through many changes over the years including a fire that shut them down in late 2014, and tornado damage in 2016, but it has grown to be the whiskey- heavy, craft beer- centric, foodie haven that the boys always dreamed of.

In 2016, an opportunity to open Scotty’s Pub on the Bay presented itself. There was no hesitation, and in Jun of 2016 we became a chain!. While this second location is quite different in personality than the original, it is exciting to see it grow. Then in early 2019, one of the owners of Texas Beer Refinery, located on Dickinson Ave in Dickinson, TX., approached us to provide food for their brew pub. This operation began in May 2019.

All owners take an active part in day to day ownership and thrive on working with each other and our wonderful staff to create the best neighborhood bar in the world. They say that your only as strong as your staff and if it wasn’t for our GM’s Quinton, Patrick and our amazing family of employees, and most importantly our incredible customers,  we wouldn’t have made it this long.

The Owners

Scott Sexton III

Scott Sexton began his career in the service industry at the age of 18. He immediately knew that showing people a good time was his passion. He worked his way through college waiting tables, bartending and even cooking at bars and restaurants around Houston. After completing his bachelors degree in music from U of H he went on to get and associates in culinary arts from Houston Community College, under the instruction of Chef Christy Sykes, and a level 2 Sommelier Certification from International Sommelier Guild. He currently teaches culinary arts at HCC and oversees operations at all our Scotty’s locations. Always looking for an opportunity to learn something new, Scott also earned his 1st level Cicerone certification.

Scott Sexton Jr.

Having worked early on in the restaurant industry, Scott Sexton Jr. spent 33 years in the telecommunication field with Verizon. During this time, Scott has also earned his certificate in Culinary Arts as well as a Level 2 Sommelier certification from International Sommelier Guild. In addition, Scotty recently earned a Brewing & Distillation Certificate from Schoolcraft College in Michigan, and followed up with his 1st level Cicerone certification. Having been in management for many years has helped Scott lend his expertise to create a sound financial plan to the Scotty’s Pub enterprise.

Craig Sexton

On April 1st of 2011, just two short weeks after our mother passed I was given the opportunity to open and help run this business with my family. Though I work full-time as a veterinary technician at a local animal hospital I have learned so much about the industry, met a lot of great people and look forward to growing and experiencing much more with the people who mean the most to me.